How to make money on affiliate programs – This works!

1) Create a website. Choose a topic that you like, create a blog and start writing. You can start with a free Blogspot website.

2) Now go to the Google AdSense network and create an account. This is also free. Put some ad code on your website.

It’s important that you write many good posts. It’s best if they are long and with pictures that illustrate your points. Think about the words you use. A page about affiliate websites and money shoul use these words, but not too much.

Try to get some links to your site. You can get these by blogging on other sites. If your content is good people will start linking to you, and this will give you traffic (=money).

The Google AdSense network is the most simple to work with. You put in a code, and that’s it. You don’t have to change anything.

Place the ads in the middle of the text. This way it will blend with the content. You can use 3 ads on a page.

You don’t have to choose only Google. There are other networks out there. Just search after “affiliate networks, money online, websites adds”.

Google search bar

It is also possible to insert a Google search bar. This is perfect. When you use it, it can show results from your page but also ads. You make money if people click on these ads. Don’t click the ads yourself – Google will notice that there’s something wrong and your account will be shot down.

Choosing a niche

Sometimes it can be very difficult to get traffic because there are so many sites out there. So you need to choose something unic for your affiliate site.

What sort of job do you have? Do you think that you can use your knowledge and experience from your job? If you choose something that you really know about, people will listen – and they are going to like your page.

Use the social media, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Get people to like your page on Facebook. You can implement a Facebook like picture. Get it here.

Create a Facebook page or group about your website. People will start using it.

Should I read about SEO

Yes, SEO is very important. You need to know how to get free trafic to the page. If you google the word SEO og search engine optimization starter guide, you will get some good beginner results in Google. Take the basics first and then expand.

The basics are: Get some good links to your page. Write good content. Use the important keywords in the headlines. Don’t create duplicate content – this means: Your article can only be published one place. If the same text appears on two different url’s, Google is not going to like it.

This was my short guide on making money online with Google AdSense and affiliate.

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How lon does it take?

Don’t expect too much the first couple of months. Or maybe the first year. It takes time to create a lucrative site. For some people the networks don’t really give any cash before a year because it takes time to write good articles on the subject. And it also takes a long time to create good SEO work for your page, that is ingoing links, long texts, the right coding of the page.

What sort of CMC should I use?

If you don’t want to go for the free Blogspot site, you can order hosting and then use open source CMS like WordPress or Joomla. I like to use WordPress CMS (free) because it is so simple, and it is easy to create a SEO frindly site. Just google “WordPress” and you will be on your way. On the site they show you how to install WordPress in a few steps. On some hosting site they can do it for you (for free). It is a very popular solution that works well.

Some people can make a living fram AdSense and other networks. If you search for something like “website millionaires”, you will see some good cases.

Explaining words:
What is CMS – It is the system you use to put content on your website. Some of them cost money and some of them are free. In my opinion the free versions are just as good as the other, maybe even better.

What is SEO – It stands for “search engine optimization”. This is all about getting traffic to your site. Getting trafic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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